Ed Hunter          

Art Demonstration by Ed Hunter

Thursday 14th September 2023

Oils on Canvas

Aran from Dunagoil, Bute



Ed lays out his colours, cadmium green, viridian, cerulean blue, king's blue, ultramarine, cadmium light red, alizarin, cadmium yellow deep and white.


Ed begins his demo with a prepared canvas. The canvas has been painted with an acrylic wash, then an outline is drawn of the landscape and protected with a coating of hairspray.


Hills are outlined with a mixture of ultramarine blue, white, cadmium light red and a little drop of alizarin.


Turning canvas upside down, the hills are painted with same mixture as the outline.


The top of the hills are then outlined with white.


The canvas is turned around again. More white is painted above the hills to the left then yellow is applied to right hand side.

Ed starts on the sky are using a mixture of cerulean blue and white.



King's blue is added to the sky area then white to lighten the area at the left hand side. More blue is applied then more  white. The colours are blended together. Sheep are outlined.


Cadmium red and ultramarine blue are used to define rocks. These colours are not so stark as black. 


 Red is added to sky and yellow on coastal line. Sheep are sketched in.


Water is painted using cerulean blue and touch of white. Red is added to right hand side.



Using a fine brush, rocks are given more definition.  Cervices on the rocks are produced by lifting out colour with a brush dipped in turpentine. Grass area is begun using green some yellow and a touch of red.

Some viridian is painted at the base of the rocks and king's blue is applied to right hand side.


Ed gives more definition to the sheep. More viridian is added to base of the rocks, then yellow to grass and areas between the rocks. The left areas on the hills are lightened.

White is used to define outline of the rocks and to provide backlight. The grass area is painted. White is applied to the sheep, adding blue for shadow and viridian underneath for shadow on the grass.

Hill colour (ultramarine, white, cadmium light red, a touch of alizarin) is added to base of painting. Red and cadmium yellow are used to fill in area between the grass and the base of painting.


Marks are made with a brush on to the grassy area. Viridian is added to the base of the rocks then blue to the base of the painting. Stalks are suggested using brush strokes.


The grass is lightened up at the back and some colour is lifted out of the grass using a brush dipped in turps.

Ed's painting in a frame.


Ed has sent us this photo of his final painting with not much changed.

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