Andrew Taylor

Thursday 26th September 2019

 Built Environment in Acrylic

One point perspective
Two point perspective
Three point perspective. Bird’s eye view.
Initial quick sketch of view from hotel window in Milan
Andrew’s canvas has a neutral background. Pink colour is applied using a broad, flat brush with a chisel edge.
Andrew’s palette has yellow ochre, magenta, dark red cadmium, van dyke brown, white, black and phthalo blue. He blocks in buildings using magenta. Then, using a smaller brush and lightened phthalo green, the sky is painted.
Lighter paint is applied for sky area around buildings. Roofs are coloured with pink mix then a little bit of dark to draw more detail.
Darker paint defines darker areas and shadow. Then yellow is applied to building at the bottom left.
Andrew tells us that there is always dialogue with a painting. All paint marks react to those around it. He adds grey to allow colours to sing out.
The sky around the buildings and top of the painting is lightened. Line gives impact to buildings.
Using decorator’s tape, Andrew isolates sections to be really sharp. This can be difficult with a brush. He then paints away from the tape
Blocks of colour at the front help to determine foreground, mid ground and background.
The painting at the end of the demonstration.
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