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Calling all club members!

Why not try a different medium in your art work?  We're asking you to move out of your comfort zone and  produce a picture using different art materials to your norm. You could create a new painting, copy one that you've already done but this time use a different medium or find one you have done in the past that we have not already seen. We can accept paintings, pastel works, drawings, sketches and craft work.  Please email your finished picture to Glenda by Monday 7th March. Her email address will be in this month's newsletter. There will be a prize for the winner. 

To help you, there is a short video below which demonstrated painting the same picture using different art materials.

Good Luck!



Changing your medium - a short video


Here is a short video demonstrating painting the same picture using different art materials. It might help you in your entry for the competition!


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Let`s go to Central Scotland!


This month we're staying close to home and featuring art in Central Scotland. We take a virtual tour of the art work in Stirling University. We then go to Lanarkshire and look at the paintings of Tom Hutcheson, uncle of one of our art club members, Lorna Hutcheson. Then we're off to Paisley to read about Paisley artist, Alexander Guy who has recently exhibited his work in New York. Glasgow artist, Avril Paton is well known for her tenement painting, 'Windows in the West'. We learn more about this painting as well as viewing more of her paintings.


 Take a tour of the paintings displayed at Stirling University


Here is an opportunity to wander round the main building of Stirling University and look at paintings by JD Fergusson, John Schueler and others as well as sculptures by George Wyllie and Eduardo Paolozzi.

Avril Paton    1941  -


Avril Paton was born in Glasgow during the wartime blitz. She is the daughter and granddaughter of Hugh and Donald Paton who were both landscape painters on the Isle of Arran. In 1982, the city and people of Glasgow became the focus of her art as she had fallen in love with the locals and the places that became part of her daily life. Her famous painting, 'Windows in the West', was completed in 1993. In 2016, Avril completed 'The Four Graces', which depicts a time, in a day, in the life of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

To discover more about Avril Paton go to:


 The story behind Avril Paton's painting, 'Windows in the West'.


Images of Windows in the West' hang in thousands of living rooms and hundreds of thousands of prints have been made to circulate world wide on cards. The painting was born out of a bad situation. Short of money, Avril had taken the job of a caretaker in a refurbished town house for elderly ladies  in Athole Gardens. As she had to be on site, she was given a one bedroom flat in the attic for which she paid half rent in return for cleaning duties. Her small flat overlooked this tenement in Saltoun St. On January 11th, 1993. at 5.30pm, there was a heavy blizzard. Avril peered out on to Saltoun St and saw a

the tenement transformed - a lilac pink sky, lighted windows, clarity of whiteness, lots of people at home. The idea for Windows in the West was compelling. The 4ft by 5ft finished painting, on paper, was painted with gouache, egg tempura and watercolour. To keep it safe from damage, she had it framed. The painting got such a great response that the city bought it for £10,000 and it hung in the Gallery of Modern Art for nearly 10 years where it was the most looked at exhibit.

To read more about this story go to:


Paintings by Avril Paton



Tom Hutcheson Lanarkshire painter

Earth Day with Red by Tom Hutcheson

Does the surname sound familiar? Tom Hutcheson was the uncle of our very own art club member, Lorna Hutcheson. An art event featuring his painting, took place in Lanarkshire throughout December and January featuring his painting 'Earth Day with Red'. Local children were invited to create their own paintings using Tom's painting as a stimulus. 

Tom Hutcheson RGI 1922 - 1999


Tom Hutcheson was primarily a landscape painter whose main subjects were the Lanarkshire mining scenes and the Clyde coast. He used pure dry pigment mixed with inert materials to portray contrasts in surface and colour.

He was trained at Glasgow Art School and later on became a teacher in Glasgow Secondary schools. He then took up the post of lecturer in Art at Jordanhill College where he became Head of the Art Department. Throughout his career in education he carried in painting and in retirement was able to dedicate himself to full time painting.

For more information on Tom Hutcheson go to:

Some of Tom Hutcheson's paintings


Paisley artist impresses at art exhibition in New York


Alexander Guy, an artist from Paisley, travelled to New York to showcase his large and colourful artwork. He had eight impressive pieces to display in the Harper's Art Gallery. The pieces depict well known food items and they attracted a lot of interest in the exhibition. To read more, click on the link below:


Glasgow artist traces girls captured in Kelvingrove Park painting

after social media appeal



In February 2021, Charles Randak painted a picture titled ' Sunday in the Park with Snow'. It depicted a snowy day in Kelvingrove Park. There was a family with two girls pulling along sledges, a girl on her phone and friends catching up. Charles wanted to trace the girls to give them a copy so put an appeal on social media which was a success and the girls were finally contacted. To read more:

Celebrity Painters


Many celebrities enjoy the art of painting. Here are some of them with their art work.


The painting that cost £65 and hung on an art historian's wall, turns out to be a masterpiece by Van Dyck!



Isabella, Infanta of Spain, by Sir Anthony Van Dyke

In 1970, art historian, Christopher Wright bought this painting of Isabella, Infanta of Spain, for £65. He believed it to be a copy. It hung on his wall for decades until a visitor who was a senior curator of European art in an Oxford museum, urged him to get expert opinion on the painting as he thought it might be by Van Dyck. This proved to be the case and the painting was valued at £40.000. Christopher said he never really liked the painting and referred to her as 'Er Indoors' after Rumpole of the Bailey.
To read more go to:

This painting, by Magritte, is expected to fetch £45m


A masterpiece by the Belgian surrealist Réné Magritte, described as one of the most desirable works in private hands, is expected to sell for a record breaking £45m when it goes to auction on 2nd March this year.  To read more about this painting, click on the link below.

 Quiz on a wide range of art related topics


W. Somerset Maugham wrote a book titled, 'the Moon in Sixpence'. On which artist's life was the book based on? To take the quiz click on the link below.


Recent Paintings from Our Members

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Lorna Hutcheson

Bill Kennedy

Ida Rennie

Rodger Smyth

Margaret Burnell

Suzanne Hunter

Lorna Hutcheson

Anne Clark 

Beth Alexander

Lauretta MacLeod

Sally Gallagher

Bernard Shieff

Gordon Avison

Linda Berman

Marshall Wyllie

Eileen Cumming

Anne Murdoch

Anne Higney

Eileen Cumming
Bernard Shieff
Catherine Fearns
Rodger Smyth
Anne Clark
Sheila Morrison
Marshall Wyllie
Ida Rennie
Gordon Avison

Eastwood Art Club offers members the opportunity to meet and paint at their own level in a friendly and constructive atmosphere.

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