UPDATE 32   November  2022


Christmas Tree Festival and Stall at The Park Church 2nd, 3rd and 4th December 2022


We have been asked to decorate a tree for the above event. Our decorations will be art based and many of you have little 2"x3" canvases on which to paint a Christmas object. Suggestions are, bauble, snowman, fairy, stocking, star, candle, elf, Santa hat, reindeer, bell, pudding, robin, tree, holly etc. Please bring your finished canvas to the club by Thursday 24th November so we can decorate the tree the following week.


Saturday 2nd December 11am - 6.30pm Stall in The Park Church - A Christmas Festival of Trees

We have a stall at this event and plan to sell the unsold paintings from the House for an Art Lover as well as any other paintings you would like to go on the stall. Please bring them to The Park Church hall by 10.30am. There will be 15% commission which will go to the church. The arrangements for the uplift of unsold paintings will be confirmed this Thursday.


Attention all members!


Leave your paints behind and come and celebrate our first Christmas back together at a Christmas tea party in The Park Church hall at 2pm 3.30pm on Thursday 8th December. Sandwiches, sausage rolls and mince pies will be served. All from M&S and all free! There will tea, coffee and cake as well.  As Glenda needs to order from M&S in advance she has to know numbers. So please reply to her email if you would like to join us.

Eastwood Art Club was established more than thirty years ago and offers members the opportunity to meet and paint at their own level in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. We meet in The Park Church hall, Giffnock on Thursdays from 2pm - 4pm.



New members are welcome so if you would like to join our club, you can email us at

get in touch on the Contact Us page or just pop in on a Thursday afternoon to see us.

The Park Church hall,

Ravenscliffe Dr, Giffnock, G46 7QS


The Park Church hall

Quote for the week


Let`s go to New York again


This month we're revisiting New York where we view the Frick Collection of their famous masterpieces, take a tour of the paintings in the beautiful Hyde House, watch an artist drawing commuters in the New York subway as well as look at contemporary art in the annual Frieze Art Fair.

The Frick Collection, New York 

The Courtauld Gallery, Somerset House
The Impressionists Room at the Courtauld

Henry Clay Frick (1849 - 1919)


Henry Clay Frick was an American industrialist, financier and art patron who owned an extensive collection of old master paintings. On his death he donated the masterpieces to create the Frick Collection and art museum. The Collection holds art work by many famous artists including works by Titian, Chardin, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Bellini, Hans Holbein, Turner and Goya.

Famous masterpieces in the Frick Collection


 The Frieze Art Fair, New York


Look at some of the contemporary art works exhibited throughout May 2022


The Hyde House


The Hyde House is a small but beautiful art museum in Upstate New York. The house was owned by the Hyde family and art works by Botticelli, El Greco, Picasso, Ingres, Rembrandt, Raphael, Matisse, Cezanne, Degas, Rubens and Renoir are exhibited there as well as many paintings by American artists. It is a beautiful house to wander round, viewing the masterpieces as well as admiring the fine antique furniture and furnishings. Many of the exhibits have a link for more information.


New York Subway paintings



These drawings are fascinating to watch, especially as they were done so skilfully and quickly in a New York subway carriage.  An artist, Devon Rodrigeau has been drawing fellow passengers on the New York subway system. You can see him at work in the video below.


Tap on the square button to expand.


Andy Warhol's painting of Marilyn Monroe fetches record breaking €195m at auction 


Read the background story to this painting and how it became the most expensive piece of 20th Century art work ever sold.


Art Demonstration  - Landscape in oils



If you would like to brush up your landscape painting skills, this is a good, interesting video which shows a step by step method from initial drawing to completed painting.

Click on the arrow to start.
You can see the video full screen by clicking on the square button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


 Something to make you smile!


Singing Paintings


What would it be like if famous portraits came to life and started singing! Here is a chance to see something completely different.



 Why does this portrait have a fly on the lady's head dress?


A curator from the National Gallery gives us an intriguing look into the significance of small detail in paintings. She explores the background to the portrait, the social background of the lady and why painting small detail was a deliberate action by the artist.


  What surface do you think was used for these paintings?


Can you believe it's bubblewrap! You can find out how it is done by watching the short video below.

 A short quiz on famous paintings.


Click on the link below to start.



Recent Paintings from Our Members

You can click on the image to expand.


Sally Gallagher

Rodger Smyth

Lorna Hutcheson

Bill Kennedy

Ida Rennie

Margaret Burnell

Suzanne Hunter

Anne Clark 

Beth Alexander

Lauretta MacLeod

Bernard Shieff

Gordon Avison

Linda Berman

Marshall Wyllie

Eileen Cumming

Anne Murdoch

Anne Higney

Eileen Cumming
Bernard Shieff
Catherine Fearns
Rodger Smyth
Anne Clark
Sheila Morrison
Marshall Wyllie
Ida Rennie
Gordon Avison

Eastwood Art Club offers members the opportunity to meet and paint at their own level in a friendly and constructive atmosphere.

We meet on Thursday afternoons from 2pm - 4pm in The Park Church, Ravenscliffe Dr, Giffnock, G46 7QS

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