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Let`s go to Canada!


This month we're going to Canada where we visit the National Gallery of Canada in Ontario. We can take a guided tour of the gallery, visit their website and watch a video on restoring one of their paintings. Do you know about Inuit art and printmaking? Kenojuak Ashevak was a traditional artist who drew her designs on soapstone and  whose paintings you can see below.



The National Gallery of Canada, Ontario



National Gallery of Canada, Ontario

The Gallery has a wide range of art works, including European, Native and Modern Art. You can take a guided tour below.


To take a guided tour of The National Gallery of Canada, click on this link.


To go to the website of the gallery, click on this link.


Some paintings from the collection


Restoring a Painting


Have you ever wondered how a painting is restored? Here is a video from the National Gallery of Canada, where their restorer demonstrates the restoration of one of their paintings, 'A Meeting of the School Trustees" by Robert Harris. Click in the link below.


Kenojuak Ashevak  (1927- 2013)


Kenojuak Ashevak was one of the first women Inuit artists, known for her drawings, paintings and printmaking.

Kenojuak was born in an igloo in an Inuit camp in the southern coast of Baffin Island. She then went to live with her grandmother who taught her traditional skills such as repairing seal skins for the Hudson Bay Company and making waterproof clothing from caribou sinew. Later on, Kenojuak made her name by printing her drawings on sealskin bags. Using graphite, coloured pencils and felt tips, she would make a drawing on soapstone, carve it out, then use this to make a print of her drawing. Her drawings attracted interest from the art world in Canada and  some of her designs were used on Canadian stamps. You can see some of her work below.



 Inuit Art.
Paintings by artist, Kenojuak Ashevak.


Ten top tips for oil painters



Here is a very useful video to help those who paint in oils.



Ai-da the Robot Artist


Is this the future of art? On the news there was a fascinating feature on the robot artist, Ai-da, named after her creator, Ada Lovelace. The robot has a camera built into her eyes and is programmed to observe and paint self portraits. Her paintings go on show on 19th May 2021 in the Design Museum, London.

Art Quiz for Children.

This quiz is for school children but can you answer all the questions?


Recent Paintings from Our Members

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Margaret Burnell

Suzanne Hunter

Lorna Hutcheson

Anne Clark 

Beth Alexander

Rodger Smyth

Lauretta MacLeod

Bill Kennedy

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Bernard Shieff

Gordon Avison

Linda Berman

Marshall Wyllie

Ida Rennie

Eileen Cumming

Anne Murdoch

Anne Higney

Eileen Cumming
Bernard Shieff
Catherine Fearns
Rodger Smyth
Anne Clark
Sheila Morrison
Marshall Wyllie
Ida Rennie
Gordon Avison

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