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All Art Club Members' Event


We've made it easier this year! Paint a new picture or find one you have previously painted that we haven't seen before and send it to Anne by Monday 12th April. Your painting can be any size or shape or subject. Votes to Glenda by Monday 19th April and the winner will be announced on Tuesday 20th April. There will be a £20 prize for the winner.



Zoom Art Demonstration 
Lynn Howarth's completed portrait


An Introduction to Soft Pastel



If you were inspired by Lynn's demonstration and would like to try painting in pastel, here's a very helpful, instructive tutorial sent in by Margaret B. Click on the link below.


Margaret has resourced the best pastel paper to use.


Cheapest was Pastelmat paper (30x40cm) £25.26 on Amazon and £26.95 on Art Discount. There are 5 different pads and you can see the colours on the front of each. The best price for the small pad, (18x24cm) was £9.50 at Craft Art instead of £14.99.


Let`s go to Belgium!


This month we take a trip to Belgium where we visit the Royal Museums of Fine Art in Brussels where you can look at the works of Pieter Bruegel. Another of Belgium's famous painters was Magritte, a surrealist artist and you can read about his life and see a selection of his art work below. Many of the old masters in Flanders used the Flemish technique of painting. This was a particularly effective method for the painting of flowers and still life. There's a short instructive video on how to paint using this technique.



Les Musées Royaux des Beaux - Arts, Brussels



The Royal Museums of Fine Art, Brussels
The Interior of the Royal Museums of Fine Art

The paintings of Pieter Bruegel, a Flemish painter, are exhibited in the Royal Museums of Fine Art. Here is his famous painting, " Winter Landscape with Skaters".


To view and learn about at the works of Bruegel in the Museum,

click on the link below


René Magritte 1898 - 1967


René Magritte was a Belgian surrealist artist who was famous for depicting everyday objects in an unusual way. His studies were at the Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels and his early paintings were impressionistic in style. He then became interested in Futurusm and Cubism. As a result his work became increasingly influenced by these movements. He held his first solo exhibition in 1927 but his paintings were harshly dismissed by the critics. Magritte was so upset he moved to Paris where he joined a Surrealist group. There he stayed for three years and became a leading member of the movement. Popular interest in Magritte's work rose considerably in the 1960's when his style became an influence for pop art. You can see a selection of his paintings below.​



 A selection of the paintings by René Magritte



How to paint using the Flemish technique.

The Flemish painters started a painting by priming first then using burnt umber to make an under painting. It was particularly effective in the painting of flowers and still life. Here is a short video that gives you a step by step method of painting in the way of the Flemish masters. There is also a very interesting article and tutorial that gives you even more information.
For video click here:
For more information on Flemish technique click here


Now for something different.
The Mona Lisa comes alive and speaks to you!



How amazing would it be if a famous painting came alive? In 2008, in Seoul, South Korea, there was an art installation where famous paintings came to life. Click below to watch the Mona Lisa speak, the apostles moving around in Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Last Supper, the figures in Jan Van Eyck's painting having a conversation and more.


Fun Art Quiz

50 famous paintings. Can you identify them?



This is a fun quiz to try as many of the answers that can be found by simple deduction.

To try the quiz, click here.


Recent Paintings from Our Members

You can click on the image to expand.


Margaret Burnell

Beth Alexander

Rodger Smyth

Lauretta MacLeod

Lorna Hutcheson

Bill Kennedy

Sally Gallagher

Bernard Shieff

Gordon Avison

Linda Berman

Marshall Wyllie

Suzanne Hunter

Ida Rennie

Eileen Cumming

Anne Murdoch

Anne Higney

Eileen Cumming
Bernard Shieff
Catherine Fearns
Rodger Smyth
Anne Clark
Sheila Morrison
Marshall Wyllie
Ida Rennie
Gordon Avison

Eastwood Art Club offers members the opportunity to meet and paint at their own level in a friendly and constructive atmosphere.

We meet on Thursday evenings from 7pm in Williamwood High School, Busby, East Renfrewshire

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