October 2020




Let`s go to Dublin!


This week we`re off to Dublin where we take a virtual tour of the National Gallery there. The National Gallery of Ireland is home to many great Irish art works as well as a collection of international paintings which include works by  Rembrandt, Monet, Degas, Picasso, Morisot, Turner and Gris. In the Gallery hang some of the paintings by one of Ireland`s best known artists, William John Leech, who as a young adult left Dublin to go and live and work in France. One of his paintings, "A Convent Garden, Brittany" is one of the highlights in the Gallery and you can watch a very interesting short video which explains the background and techniques used in this painting.


The National Gallery of Ireland


The National Gallery of Ireland



Highlights of the National Gallery of Ireland


Here are a few of the highlights of the collection. To see more highlighted paintings and for further information on them, please click on the link below.




To take a virtual tour of the National Gallery of Ireland click on the link below,




A Covent Garden, Brittany by William John Leech

National Gallery Of Ireland


Is this Ireland`s Favourite Painting?



While he was in Brittany, William John Leech fell ill with typhus and was nursed in a hospital which was attached to a convent. This was the inspiration for this painting. The model for the girl was his wife, Elizabeth and the painting was mostly worked on outdoors and completed in the studio.


Watch this lovely video below to see why this painting may be Ireland`s favourite painting.





William John Leech (1881 - 1968)


William John Leech was born and brought up in Dublin. After completing his art education at the Hibernian Academy where he studied under Walter Osborne, he left Dublin to go and live in France. There, he found inspiration in thr French landscape. He was known for his coastal and harbour scenes, his landscapes, interiors, still life and portraits.



More Paintings by William John Leech

Do you know the best use for each of your brushes?


Do you have loads of brushes but don`t know the best way to use them? What is the flat brush intended for? the filbert? the fan etc.

Here is a very helpful tutorial by Kevin Hill who shows us how and when to use the different brushes in your painting. Click on the link below to view the tutorial.



Now for something completely different...


Do you recognise the location of this pavement art?






This pavement art was created by artist Julian Beever outside the entrance to Debenhams in Argyle St, Glasgow

Julian Beever is known all over the world for his pavement drawings. In order to appear 3D they need to be viewed through a camera (which he sets up on a tripod for people to view through) or on a mobile phone, iPad or other screen. They do not look 3D to the naked eye. To see more of Julian Beever`s illusions click on the link below.





No matter which genre an artist focuses on, he or she can work in different ways. What kind of an artist are you? A dabbler, a social artist, obsessed or something else? Try the quiz below to find out!


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