November 2020



Let`s go to Boston!


This week we`re off to Boston where we will visit the Museum of Fine Art there. There is a short video which takes you round the Museum which has a fine collection of paintings by the Impressionists. The MFA give frequent talks and you can watch and listen to a really interesting one on the Impressionists.


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston



To see a video about the Museum of Applied

Arts, click here;



The Impressionists in the Museum of Fine Arts


Here is a very interesting, illustrated talk about the Impressionists in the Gallery. It's a one hour long video but really worth watching for all the information and insight into how the Impressionists worked.


A Magical 360 degree Compilation Picture of Van Gogh's Paintings




Here is something quite remarkable and very clever. Someone has put together some of Van Gogh's paintings and made them into a continuous montage. Click on the link below and then scroll round to get the full effect.



Banksy's "Show me the Monet" painting sells for £7.5 million at auction.


This painting reimagining Monet's Waterlilies surpassed all expectations at Sotheby's event two weeks ago and sold for £7.5 million!  Banksy created it in 2005 and added a shopping trolley and traffic cone to the famous iconic scene. The painting is a reflection of life today where there is a disregard for nature in favour of the excesses of modern day consumerism.


Art Quiz from Paisley Museum and Art Galleries



Joan Eardley became known for her paintings of the poverty stricken children of Glasgow when she moved to the city in 1949. In which part of Glasgow did Eardley establish her studio?










To find the answer and to try some more questions on local art, click on the link below.


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