June 2020



 View from my window


As some of you have asked for more time to finish your paintings we are extending the deadline to Tuesday 30th June. So even those who are still to start will have time!

The good news is that you don`t need to wait for your painting to dry, to be varnished or framed. Just take a photo and email to Anne. If you are undecided what to paint and how to do it, Cass Art have produced a few ideas and hints that you might find useful. You can find the Cass Art  link below.



      Here`s another article for more inspiration.



The National Gallery


Let`s go to London!


We are visiting two art galleries this week. In the National Gallery we can see highlights, have a virtual tour of the Renaissance Collection, look at some of their masterpieces, including Van Gogh`s `Sunflowers`, that are touring Japan just now and listen to an expert talking about some of the paintings. In addition there is a National Gallery video about how to set up a still life.

The BP Portrait Award 2020 exhibition can be viewed online at the National Portrait Gallery where you can look at the paintings as well as have the opportunity to vote for your favourite.

To see Highlights of the National Gallery click here.


Click on the link below to enter the National Gallery to view the Renaissance Collection.

From 8th June 2020 until January 2021, masterpieces from the National Gallery are on loan to the the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo and the National Museum in Osaka.

Sunflowers out of Quarantine!


Vincent Van Gogh`s `Sunflowers` have been in lockdown in Japan. The painting was part of an unprecedented loan of masterpieces from the National Gallery to art galleries in Japan. However because of Covid 19, the galleries had to close to visitors and the exhibition was delayed until June 8th 2020.


A very interesting video was made to promote the exhibition. so if  you`d like to view and have a guided tour of some of the masterpieces in the National Gallery just click on the link below. The tour is in English but has an introduction in Japanese with subtitles.



For those of you who find creating still life pictures difficult, here is a very useful and informative video from the National Gallery.


BP Portrait Award 2020


The BP  Portrait Award 2020 is an annual event that attracted 1,981 entries from 69 countries around the world.This exhibition is being held in the National Portrait Gallery and represents the very best in contemporary painting.


This year, the exhibition is being displayed online. So if you`d like to have a look at the entries, just follow the link below (It will take a few seconds to load up). You can then step in closer to view the portraits and read the labels as well as find out more information on the artists,


You can even vote for your favourite painting!

At the bottom of the screen there will be a link to the shortlisted paintings, There you will be able to cast your own vote.



Click on the link below to start the quiz.



 View from my window


How are you getting on with your sketch or painting of the view from your window? For those of you who are still needing some inspiration and a bit of help in deciding what to paint and how to do it, Cass Art have produced a few ideas and hints that you might find useful. You can find the Cass Art  link below.

The ideal date to email your pictures to Anne is Monday 15th June but you can have a few more days after that if you need more time.


Let`s go to Paris!


This week we`re off to the Petite Galerie in the Louvre where the current exhibition is being held from September 2019 until June 29th 2020.  It is titled `The Advent of the Artist`and is timed to coincide with a cycle of Louvre exhibitions devoted to the Renaissance geniuses, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Altdorfer. Although the Louvre is now closed, they have allowed us in on a virtual tour. We can enter the galleries, follow the direction arrows and zoom in to have a closer view at some of the paintings there.

If you understand French, you can even read the information attached to the painting! 

Click on the link below to enter the Petite Galerie in the Louvre.

The Mona Lisa

You know the painting but do you know the story behind the Mona Lisa?

Click here to watch a short video in English from the Louvre about the most famous painting in the world


the worldhttps://focus.louvre.fr/en/mona-lisa/understand/most-famous-painting-world

Pictures of Statues Quiz

We see statues wherever we go but can you name them? Why not try the quiz below to find out. When you are finished, you can click on the Again button to try some more questions.

Click on the link below to start the quiz.


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