Competition 2021




The painting with the most votes was

Sally Gallagher's painting of Ronnie Wood.

Congratulations, Sally!



How many paintings did you manage to match with the art club members?

Here are the paintings again with the artist's name below.


You can pause the picture by pressing on the button to the right.





Here is the list of the members who entered the competition. Can you match the painting to the artist?

Names will be revealed on Thursday 22nd April.

Anne Clark

Marshall Wyllie

Lauretta Macleod

Beth Alexander

Gordon Avison

Sally Gallagher

Sheila Morrison

Lorna  Hutcheson

Jim Scott

Doreen Clark

Anne Murdoch 

Eileen Cumming

Bill Kennedy

Catherine Fearns

Bernard Shieff

Glenda Asquith

Margaret Malloch

Michael Morris

Ida Rennie

Linda Berman

Margaret Burnell

Anne Higney

Roger Smyth

Suzanne Hunter














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